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Market Transformation in the Protein Transition

In collaboration with DuurzaamDoor, part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO) and  Food For Impact consultancy, we spent the first half of 2016 co-designing an approach for accelerating the protein transition by leveraging market forces and competition—an approach validated and welcomed by experts and stakeholders. As only limited progress had been made on the topic of sustainable protein consumption over the past few years, DuurzaamDoor concluded that a new approach was required to achieve the momentum required for progress, and consequently turned to NewForesight’s approach to market transformation.

Our approach focused on directing the positive energy and drive from the market players, by structuring the process around four key success factors in driving such a market-initiated transition: 1) Setting a 'dot on the horizon' in the form of a shared vision and goals, 2) identify the problem, break it down into clear barriers, and translate these into solutions, 3) think from the business case, focus on opportunities, and reward front-runners, and 4) coordinate from a central hub where short-term profit and long-term impact are of equal importance.

We set a common vision and bold medium-term goal, and also developed a proposition for front-runners to join an envisioned coalition. During the entire process, DuurzaamDoor acted as a driving force, sharing its dedication to the topic and passion to tackle complex sustainability issues. The activities resulted in the opportunity to form a coalition of front-runners, who were willing to invest in further development of this market-based approach to the protein transition, in the second half of 2016. During this follow up period, we supported the coalition called the Green Protein Alliance on strategic and technical levels to further develop and implement their plans.

This led to the presentation of the Alliance's plans during the Green Protein Event on 16 February 2017, with the support of the Junior Minister for Economic Affairs Martijn van Dam, and with a growing group of committed organizations. These plans, publicly available in the Green Protein Growth Plan (Dutch only), mark the end of 1,5 years of hard work from NewForesight. Due to the shift to implementation, we will no longer be actively involved in the Green Protein Alliance for the foreseeable future; nevertheless we are proud to call ourselves one of its initiators and look forward to its positive impact.