Alignment with the upcoming CEN/ISO standard for sustainable and traceable cocoa (ongoing since 2014)

Channelling interventions through a standard facilitates the process of worldwide implementation. Through coordination and alignment, we aided CocoaAction companies worldwide to speak with a single voice in the standard’s development process, which enabled CocoaAction’s thinking and KPIs to be included as requirements in the prEN ISO/DIS 34101-series. We supported WCF in turning the upcoming international standard for sustainable and traceable cocoa into an opportunity that could expand CocoaAction’s impact and reach.

Development of the CocoaAction 5-year Roadmap (finalized in 2016)

The implementation of an impactful strategy requires continuous monitoring and adaptation in line with contextual dynamics. NewForesight’s strategy review and redesign process provided WCF with a valuable opportunity to re-align stakeholders with CocoaAction, and to strengthen strategic elements of CocoaAction’s critical path. The roadmap defines which steps should be taken, when and by whom; and which stakeholders should be involved.

CocoaAction Primer (finalized in 2016)

Keeping relevant stakeholders involved is key for expansion of strategy and impact. Moving into the implementation phase meant that communicating the ‘why, how and what’ of CocoaAction became increasingly important. We supported WCF in the development of the CocoaAction Primer, which provides an overview of the decisions and developments which have enabled the CocoaAction strategy that exists today. The primer is designed as an evolving document that provides interested stakeholders with a clear, high-level overview of what CocoaAction is, what it does, and what it aims to achieve.

CocoaAction Community Development Manual (finalized in 2016)

To not loose sight of the target an implementation manual is key: an aligned approach and shared definition of success are important elements of scaling up the transition towards a sustainable cocoa sector. We supported WCF in the development of the Community Development Manual, which provides CocoaAction companies and their implementing partners guidance on what the Community Development commitments are, why these commitments were chosen, and how success will be measured.

CocoaAction M&E Guide (finalized in 2016)

For continuous improvement of strategy and impact a sound M&E system is essential. We supported WCF in the development of the CocoaAction M&E Guide. This has allowed WCF to provide guidance on data collection, and to produce data as consistent as possible across all CocoaAction companies. Quality and aligned data is key for measuring the overall sustainability progress made in the cocoa value chain, for unlocking learning, and for continuously improve the CocoaAction strategy.

Farmer Economic Model (finalized in 2015)

Strong data is vital to come to correct insights. The Farmer Economic Model, jointly developed by WCF and NewForesight, is focused on two main topics: determining a viable farm economy for cocoa farmers, and measuring the expected business impact of farm-level interventions. The model—which was independently assessed and recommended for investigating cocoa farm development by the chair of Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley— allows users to set a variety of farm-level variables to predict the impact of interventions on an individual farm’s business case 15 years into the future. This has provided an essential tool for improving interventions and for driving progress towards sustainability.

CocoaAction Results Framework (took place in 2014)

A commonly agreed upon results framework directs all efforts in the same direction. We supported WCF in the development of a shared Results Framework for the CocoaAction companies, which strengthened their alignment and also served as a tool to engage relevant stakeholders.