Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Framework (took place in 2016)

Recognizing the multiple benefits this would bring for the organization, Commonland worked with NewForesight to develop its own results framework as a project design and management tool. The framework enables the organization and the individual development companies to establish strategic objectives, relate them to the aspired results of restoration interventions and resources, and track progress. Such results-based management also provides increased accountability toward partners and investors.

Investment Review Strategy and Pipeline (took place in 2015)

A solid scan and pipeline helps to identify ventures with the highest potential impact on all 4 returns. Working closely with the Commonland team, we developed an effective system for identifying and reviewing promising businesses. Part of this involved a preliminary database and pipeline, with scouted and reviewed restoration ventures. We created a set of criteria and a rating system to organize the review process and built a database. This enabled the collection and review of potentially interesting restoration ventures that could deliver social, environmental, economic and inspirational value.