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Vision 2020 webinars: engaging stakeholders in the biggest public-private alliance for sustainable coffee to date

In March 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the International Coffee Organization (ICO), the 4C Association and IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative), resulting in the biggest public-private alliance in the international coffee market to date. This evolved from the Vision 2020 dialogues initiated by the 4C Association in 2013 and is a significant milestone in further scaling and coordinating the efforts of industry, standards, producing countries, NGOs and donors to improve coffee farmers’ agricultural practices and livelihoods.

Vision 2020 is a campaign in development. The MoU partners want to use the feedback and input of coffee sector stakeholders to further develop the collaboration framework and involve all interested parties. Thus, two webinar sessions were organized in May 2015, to enable all stakeholders to participate. The webinar served to introduce the wider coffee community to the objectives of the Vision 2020 campaign.

NewForesight was asked to help prepare and facilitate the Vision 2020 consultation rounds in a manner that allows stakeholders to understand and provide feedback and creates the energy to contribute or engage with the common agenda and work streams. A report on results and recommendations coming from the participating stakeholders was another deliverable.

Work delivered
NewForesight summarized the content and process of the Vision 2020 campaign to date into one concise and visual Webinar presentation. The presentation was developed in close collaboration with the V2020 Task Force. We facilitated the two webinar sessions on May 11 that were a big success with over one hundred registrations from a diverse spectrum of coffee stakeholders. As a result, V2020 received extremely valuable feedback and proposals for next steps. All of this is reflected in the Webinar Report that NewForesight also made. The report presents an overview of both webinar sessions and includes a current status of Vision 2020, testimonials of key stakeholders, questions and answers, and what comes next.



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You can find the full Vision 2020 webinar report here.

The webinar videos can be found here.


Vision 2020 webinar series was completed in early 2015. Need support in building strategic multi-stakeholder alliances? Contact Bart Vollaard