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Transforming small-holder dominated agricultural sectors towards sustainability

Agriculture has performed well over the last 50 years, not only keeping pace with rapid population growth, but also delivering food at progressively lower prices. Unfortunately this growth has led to overuse of natural resources and the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. In social terms, moreover, many agricultural producers continue to live at or below the poverty line, and agricultural workers may be subject to unacceptable working conditions. Achieving sustainability in the production of agricultural commodities is necessary to ensure food security, a healthy natural resource base and human wellbeing.

Addressing sustainability issues in agro commodity sectors is challenging, especially in those sectors that are dominated by smallholders. In these sectors systemic change has proven to be elusive and current transformation models, whether public or market driven, have only realized it to a limited extent.

Therefore Aidenvironment, NewForesight and IIED have developed a groundbreaking new holistic Sustainable Sector Transformation Model commissioned by the IFC, the Dutch Ministry of Affairs, SECO and IDH the sustainable trade initiative.

Work delivered
The Sustainable Sector Transformation Model for sustainable sector transformation for smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors which consists of five building blocks: sector alignment & accountability, strengthening of market demand, public sector governance, organization of the production base and organization of the service sector. Each of these building blocks are a condition for realizing farm and sector quality.


The International Finance Cooperation

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative




IIED – the International Institute for Environment and Development 

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On the website you can find details, such as the team who worked on this.


The Sustainable Sector Transformation Model

Case studies

Various commodity case studies have been conducted in different countries: on cocoa in Ghana and Ivory Coast, on coffee in Vietnam, on cotton in Mali and on palm oil in Indonesia.


Besides the Sustainable Sector Transformation Model whitepapers were published on Sector Governance ModelsService Delivery Models and Role of Voluntary Sustainability Standards.

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This project took place from 2014 to 2015.  Want to know what a transformation model can do for you? Contact Laure Heilbron.