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Framework for policy making in agriculture: ‘Sustainable intensification at scale’

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs needed a policy paper on food security in the future. Sustainable intensification, producing more food, while using fewer resources, is recognized as the sustainable way forward. A new policy making framework was required to implement sustainable intensification. 

NewForesight was asked to research the landscape of standards, Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and underlying mechanisms. The outcomes of the study led to a new theory that provided insight into the characteristics of different types of agricultural sectors and the forces that shape them.

Work delivered
The study shows that agricultural commodity sectors can be defined by their shape, which varies according to the degree of organization and the level of professionalism, along with productivity, efficiency, market access and bargaining power. The shape determines the absorption capacity for more sustainable practices and economic performance, and thus the success of sustainable intensification. Fine-tuning the forces that determine the shape can push for sustainable outcomes.


The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

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