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Business model for the 4C Association including ‘Principles of Good Governance’

The Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C) was set up in 2003. The 4C Association (4CA) aims to unite all relevant coffee stakeholders in working towards the improvement of the economic, social and environmental conditions of coffee production. After an initial start-up period in which the 4CA established its membership and operational procedures, the organization had to redefine its business model and move towards a phase of operationalization and consolidation.

The 4CA Executive Board mandated NewForesight to facilitate the development of a new business model for the organization. NewForesight was also asked to perform a quick scan of the 4CA governance structure to make sure it met the needs of the reformed Association.

Work delivered
An intensive three month period was kicked off by a workshop in Accra. NewForesight led a Taskforce made up of 4CA members that evaluated the different implications of a demand-driven, business-minded organization. The final model was endorsed by all members and set the 4CA on its way to becoming an impact-driven and financially sound Association for the entire coffee sector. The new model included some key changes like the separation of the 4C Standard and the 4C Association Platform and the move towards a fee-for-services model.

After defining the business model, NewForesight performed a governance scan to compare the 4CA to other multi-stakeholder governance models. A framework was developed around the ‘Principles of Good Governance’, categorized into 3 main categories: structure, process, and culture. The mentioned principles were matched against the current 4CA governance and potential areas for improvement were highlighted.


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This project took place in 2011. Do you want to make your organization more effective or efficient by changing the business and/or governance model? Contact Joost Gorter