PrintSCOPEinsight, NewForesight’s sister organization, is a social business that assesses the business potential of the missing middle in agriculture in emerging economies. By assessing their potential, smallholders and producers organizations (POs) get insight in possible areas of improvement and gain access to finance and markets.

Access to capacity building, finance and markets are essential enablers for business development in agriculture. Smallholders and POs have the greatest need for intellectual and financial investments as well as the highest potential for growth. And yet, in many emerging countries these small to medium-sized organizations are under-represented, therefore appropriately called the ‘’missing middle’’, stifled by non-facilitating regulatory climates and poor access to inputs. To illustrate: the total average annual net investment need for this group is estimated to be at least $83 billion globally.

Financial institutions (e.g. banks, investment funds, donors) currently lack the appropriate insight in the business potential of smallholders and POs in emerging countries. Also, NGOs, value chain players and other market players that provide assistance to these organizations have insufficient information concerning the key strengths and weaknesses of a particular organization to define a strategic approach for capacity building and market access.

SCOPEinsight is dedicated to the development of assessment tools that bridge the information gap, and improve access to capacity building, finance and markets for smallholders and POs. A SCOPE assessment provides the necessary information to lower information costs and reduce investment risks related to supporting or financing the missing middle.

SCOPEinsight assessments focus on 9 dimensions:

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SCOPEinsight is headquartered in the Netherlands with a local office in Kenya servicing East Africa. To date, the organization has carried out over 425 assessments in 14 countries worldwide in different sectors in agriculture, dairy/livestock, aquaculture and forestry.

Watch the short movie about SCOPEinsight‘s work for Muki Farmer’s Cooperative Society in Kenya.